Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Bitch...Is On

Nah, we are not using the gender specific form here
Rather, we are setting up a whiney soapbox
To foster ventilation as in..."bitching"
I am
Airman Third Class Thomas R. Campbell 
 I approve this message.

So let's get started

The Rest Belt got taken for a ride
But it is understandable
As their options
Were muddied at best

On the one hand, an elitist
Who said most of the right things
But whose unfortunate history and public persona
Made her seem untrustworthy - right or wrong

They just called her "Killary"
Even though the best investigative team
The Senate had to offer
Spent three years and millions
And found nothing

I suspect its existence was only to cast a shadow on her character thus a burr under her potential presidential saddle.

Turned out "Killary" was more than supported
By an antiquated party leadership that was tone-deaf
To the electorate it was supposed to serve
To the point of cheating on the Bern

On the other hand, another obvious elitist
Who claimed the anti-establishment throne
A swamp draining (read filling)
Gropenfuhrer Cheeto who offered....different

Yes Vern, "Different" has turned out to be a Goldman-Sachs cabinet, among other bizarre things.

All in all
A confused America
Threw the popular vote to her
Threw the electoral vote to him
And put itself on the precipice

A desperate public
Looking for affirmation of their beliefs
Rather than confirmation of facts
Ignored their tired, their poor, their huddled masses
Ignored their neighbors with no health insurance
Ignored a tax plan that made the wealthy...wealthier
Ignored the literal melt down of the earth
Ignored respect in favor of "locker room banter"

A confused America
A desperate public.
A desperate public..
A desperate public...

Note: I hold my fellow OWGs responsible for this entire mess - both parties. Period. Hopefully a new generation will soon cast us aside in favor of, sanity and a balanced democracy...

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