Sunday, February 19, 2017

The "Entitled"

"You think you have a right to eat, sleep and get health care in America? You are on Medicaid and yet you stumble into my healthcare clinic with a cell phone in one hand and a manicure on both?!"

Well, you see this person is not yet twenty, works at McDonalds and is expected to look and act presentable to the public.  Her peer group also expects her to meet certain social standards, including possession of a cell phone and good looking fingernails. If she doesn't do these things, she will likely be isolated even further from the mainstream.

So, if you were in her situation what would you do for a way out?

Some people stay that way
For lack of inspiration or hope or motivation or opportunity...whatever

Some people make their way
The best route of course but not always easy for them to see

Some people find their way
By accident

Some people are given a way
Thanks to parents with some means to spare

Some people steal a way
See"slammer" (not effective) or "Wall Street banker" (effective) or both

Some people fade a way
Hopefully, that comes later, much later

And of course there are combinations of all or some of the above right?

Yet in all these ways, people feel entitled to something do they not? What I mean to say is the word "entitled" is not reserved for the lower class or entry level citizen.  Everyone's got some of it...that feeling of entitlement.

The ones we dislike are the ones who have have stopped trying to improve their lot and rather, rest on the "entitlements" our society has established.  We have no credible system for distinguishing from those who are deserving and whose who are not.  Fortunately I believe the former far outnumber the latter so we're good right?!

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