Thursday, May 25, 2017

Three Lives - Count'em...Three of Them 'Puppies

I couldn't figure whether to blog this stuff or post it as an email to those willing to tolerate my rants.  So, I will do both; that is, I will write it here and then email it to my victims.

Dr. Harvey Matlof
Dear Physician
I had a recurring appointment this morning with my cardiologist of 25 years, the good Dr. Harvey Matlof. Harvey was the one who, at my request, pulled the tubes out of my chest way back in the early 90's after I  had a quadruple bypass. His response at my bedside at the time was something like this; "Well, you look a little fresh but...okay." That was on the fourth day post surgery. ***

It was early, with great temperatures and poor parking availability at Harvey's new downtown Sacramento offices so I decided to take the HOG in.  I hit the lights green at two of our most notorious bad/crowded intersections and slid into town like a hot knife through butter.

As I approached the multi-story offices of Sutter Medical Group I saw a Porsche Cayenne right smack in front. It was taking up just 3/4 of a rather large parking space. So, we shared.

While on the way for that follow-up visit this morning, I was thinking I have had 3 lives in some respects. I made it to the CABG operation in my first life and once again mentally thanked everyone for giving me that first. Then I asked Harvey if he was thinking the procedure would give me another 20 years. That request marked the start of my second life and I got the "20 years." Now, I am beyond that point and, using my twisted logic, I am on my third run. It's all gravy and I am most fortunate.

Today, somewhere near the 25th anniversary of our meeting I got another warning from Harvey. There is work to do, but not bad work, and I am up for it.

***Note: I went home the next day and the spine tingling (heart-wrenching is probably a more fitting term) details are here:

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